Monday, January 25, 2016

No Question, We Must Kill Muslim Fanatics

Regardless of what you call them–ISIS, ISIL or DAESH–the muslim extremists who have taken up arms in Syria, Iraq and Libya must be killed. I am talking extermination. This is not a battle over a piece of real estate. This is a fight over the future and the ideology that will govern that future.
The following video recently released by ISIS glorifying the cowardly pigs who killed unarmed civilians in Paris is instructive.
The key line that helps you understand the mindset of these fanatics is the assertion that the win either by killing us or achieving “martyrdom.” In other words, if they are killed they will receive their victory in the after life.
Fine by me. The more we send to that after life, the better.
However, we cannot solve this merely by killing. It requires a coordinated international coalition that will isolate and punish any country that provides material support of any kind to these groups. But, we also must recognize that some killing will be necessary. There is a hardcore that is quite willing to become martyrs. They also are quite serious about attacking us in the United States and Europe if they can. This is a far more serious threat than anything that Al Qaeda and Bin Laden ever represented.
One final observation about the video. These guys are delusional. They celebrate the Paris attack as a great success. While they did kill innocents, they also awakened the French people to the reality of the threat and emboldened even a spineless Socialist like Hollande to go on the attack. ISIS is now paying the price for this miscalculation as the Russians, Iranians, Syrians and the US/Iraq coalition are taking back territory.

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