Monday, January 11, 2016

Hilliary Clinton, Is A Law Breaking Liar

This is not name calling. It is a simple statement of fact. The latest batch of Hillary emails from State Department clearly show that she not only has broken the law but has been flat out lying about her knowledge, or lack thereof, of any improper emails with classified information.
Here she is whooping it up with Jimmy Fallon:

“Nothing that was sent was SECRET,” says Hillary.
Well, we now know that is complete and utter nonsense. It is a damn lie.
Here is what was released the other night:
This is not complicated. There is no other explanation. Hillary tells Jake Sullivan, “SEND NON-SECURE.” She tells him to strip off the classification markings given the problems getting the secure fax to work. While I understand her frustration (the STU-III and the STEs were a total pain in the ass to use for sending classified faxes), she is the one directing her subordinate to break the law. You do not need a SECURE fax to send unclassified info.
Let me repeat that–YOU DO NOT NEED A SECURE FAX TO SEND UNCLASSIFIED INFO. Not only was Hillary directly violating procedures for handling classified info but she was so savvy about it that she knew how to tell Jake Sullivan to use a “work” around procedure by basically erasing the classification markings on the message.
There is no ambiguity on this point. This is the equivalent of a semen stained blue dress. She can’t wash this away. It will add to her toxicity and make her more unelectable. The Democrats have a festering turd around their necks when it comes to fielding their Presidential candidate.

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