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Jeb Bush To Highlight Gun Rights Record In Front Of NRA

Jeb Bush will play up his A+ rating as governor from the NRA during a speech today before the group in Nashville, including his signing into law the now controversial "stand your ground" legislation that was a central focus of the Trayvon Martin killing.
"In his speech to the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum (Bush) will discuss the importance of second amendment rights and, more broadly, individual freedom and the freedom to defend liberty when it’s threatened by government intrusion/regulation,"  his staff said in an advance of the forum, which will feature other presidential candidates, including Marco Rubio.
"He’ll address the current challenge our country faces under the Obama Administration, where the government is getting too big and too intrusive. Governor Bush will highlight many of the laws he passed as governor that served as a model for many other states’ gun laws."
But stand your ground has gained widespread attention since George Zimmerman shot to death Martin in 2012, provoking debate about gun laws and race. Bush signed the legislation into law in April 2005 and it had wide bipartisan support.
In 2012, Bush said it did not apply to the Martin case. “This law does not apply to this particular circumstance,” Bush said in Arlington, Texas. “Stand your ground means stand your ground. It doesn’t mean chase after somebody who’s turned their back.”

“Anytime an innocent life is taken it’s a tragedy,” Bush said. “You’ve got to let the process work.”

He stressed that, "applied properly, I support the law."

His campaign team noted the law in trying to highlight Bush's record on gun rights. Under assault from conservatives over immigration and Common Core, the gun issue gives Bush cred with the base.Rubio will also address the NRA gathering today. As speaker of the Florida House, Rubio drew heat from NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer for not advocating strong enough, in her view, for a bill allowing people to bring guns to work.  "He talked the talk, but he didn't walk the walk," Hammer told the Tampa Bay Times in 2009.
That year, as he ran for U.S. Senate, Rubio got a concealed weapons permit. In office Rubio has a solid record on gun rights. Last month he offered a bill to loosen restrictions in the District of Columbia, drawing a rebuke from city officials who said he was trampling on the GOP's standard home rule outlook.
Bush's team circulated a light of highlights of his tenure as governor:
- Under Governor Bush’s leadership, Florida became one of the most pro-2nd Amendment states in country.
- Governor Bush is a lifetime member of the NRA.
- Governor Bush has an A+ rating with NRA.
- As governor, in one year Bush signed six pro-gun and hunting bills. That was a record for Florida. The NRA called these bills the “Six Pack of Freedom.”
- While he was Governor, there was an agenda to bankrupt gun manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits. Under Governor Bush’s leadership Florida passed a law stopping these kinds of lawsuits – because when a gun is used in a crime, the fault belongs to the criminal.
- As Governor, Bush passed the Castle Doctrine.
- Because of the Castle Doctrine, if someone enters your home and you fear for your safety, you don’t have to try to escape first. You can use your weapon to defend yourself.
- In 2005, Governor Bush built on the Castle Doctrine and signed the “Stand Your Ground” Law in an effort to protect individuals who felt in danger of imminent peril, great bodily harm or death.
- Through other pieces of legislation, Governor Bush was able to expand permitted carry areas for gun-owners, shield concealed weapon permit holders from public record requests and allow out-of-state concealed weapons permit holders the same rights as other Florida permit holders.
- Florida's concealed carry laws are regarded as a model for other states. Governor Bush strengthened those laws and enhanced the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  Today, there are well over one million valid concealed weapons licenses in Florida.
- Most in the nation – nearly double #2, Texas (700k)
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