Friday, July 19, 2013

The Real Racial Profiling Of George Zimmerman

Jerry Johnson - Forget the jury verdict.  Forget the fact that Mr. Zimmerman fought for radical justice in the case of Sherman Ware; a homeless black man who was attacked by a white assailant.  Forget that his great grandfather was black and his mother Peruvian.  Forget that he is a registered democrat and voted for Barak Obama.  In short, forget the provable facts of the case.
Forget the fact that the Sanford police did not believe there was enough evidence to even bring charges.  Forget that the District Attorney agreed.  Forget that no Grand Jury was seated to sift through the evidence to see if the local D.A. had dropped the ball.
Forget the fact that the Department of Justice dispatched the F.B.I. to conduct an investigation to find out if race (ethnicity) had something to do with the death of Trayvon Martin.  Forget the fact that after conducting interviews with thirty-sex people, those who know and are neighbors of George Zimmerman, could not find a shred of evidence to show that race played a part in this tragedy.
And yet with all this, The Martin Family, their attorney’s, and the good folks at the NAACP now say that race had to be a factor.  Forget the fact that just a week earlier the family and their attorney’s publicly stated that race had nothing to do with it.
And now ask yourself,  “why they changed their mind?”  Because Trayvon Martin, a young black man is dead from a gunshot wound at the hand of George Zimmerman – the “self-proclaimed Latino” who is really a White-Hispanic.
Trayvon is dead at the hand of whitey.  Trayvon was black.  Therefore, racial profiling had to play a part.  The only problem, the one glaring defect, in order to draw this conclusion calls for the racial profiling of George Zimmerman!  This may be a good place to end with – it takes one to know one.

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