Saturday, July 20, 2013

Race Hustlers Sharpton And Jackson Protesting Trayvon Martion Verdict In 150 Cities Today

Wayward Herring - The "race hustlers" Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson and many others across the nation will have over 150 cities protesting the Trayvon Martin Verdict. The race hustlers are back in business after a five year retirement because, of the election of President Obama. The race hustlers have been laying in the weeds waiting for the perfect issue to make there grand appearance back on the national stage and this as the perfect case. These race hustlers will tear America apart trying to sell America there social justice policies. President Obama did not help resolve the issue by his statements at his news conference on Friday about the Trayvon Martin Case. The President gave the race hustlers the momentum they needed to keep the controversial case in the spotlight. Therefore, Rev. Sharpton And Rev. Jackson make terrible hate filled speeches about the "Stand Your Ground Law" and George Zimmerman. The protest that will be happening today will get ugly and hate filled left-wing will try and use this case to get there base angry for the 2014 mid-term election. Finally, where is the strong leader in America who will stand up and tell these race hustlers that the jury has spoken and the verdict is final. Please go sit your ass down somewhere. I am sorry for the language but these clowns make me sick.

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