Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bain Capital Romney Was Not President Of U.S.

David Lawrence - Obama has been criticizing Romney for outsourcing jobs while he was the head of Bain Capital.  Not true but big deal.  It is not the responsibility of a CEO to watch over the American economy.  That is the responsibility of a President.  That was and is Barack Obama’s job, regardless of the false accusations of outsourcing by Romney.
And while Romney succeeded in his job of making Bain Capital successful, Obama failed in his job of improving the American economy and increasing American jobs.  If Obama doesn’t have the intellect to distinguish the role of a CEO from the job of a President, how will he ever honor his promise to reduce unemployment and to improve America’s economy?
Spoiled Obama went to preppy Harvard and he can’t even discern the difference between the job descriptions of the President of Bain Capital and the President of the United States.
Did he even study economics there? A Harvard Degree seems an indictment rather than a mark of intellect.  It is as meretricious as our president.
Obama allowed stimulus money to go overseas and naively backed clean energy products in other countries.  He diddled with Affordable HealthCare which will further tax the people when he should have organically improved our already salutary medical programs.
President Barack Obama’s choice of Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric, to chair the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness is further proof of Obama’s outsourcing.  General Electric should be the enemy of President Obama, not his toady where he gives his buddies honorific jobs.
After President Obama’s campaign spent weeks criticizing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for outsourcing jobs, a Washington Post story published Monday explored Obama’s record on outsourcing.
The key theme of the Washington Post story is this: “Obama’s critics… say he has repeatedly failed in other ways to protect American jobs from being moved overseas. They point to a range of actions they say he should have taken: confronting China, reining in unfettered trade and reworking a U.S. visa program that critics say ends up sending high-tech jobs abroad.”
It is not so much that Obama has failed on insourcing jobs but that any accusations of outsourcing against Romney are irrelevant. It was not his job at Bain Capital to build up the American economy.  It was his job to build up his company.  He did that magnificently and clear-sightedly, a lot better than bewildered Obama did his misguided job of failing to build the country.

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