Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Day Of Action "We Will Shut Down Wall Street"

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The loss of their camp at Zuccotti Park doesn’t seem to be slowing down the Occupy Wall Street movement as protesters are calling for “a national day of direct action” on Thursday.
Photos: Police Raid Zuccotti Park
According to their website, protesters are planning three major actions Thursday starting with a “shut down” of Wall Street.
LISTEN: WCBS 880′s Peter Haskell reports

It all starts with a rally in Liberty Square starting at 7 a.m. to “put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror.”
 OWS Protesters Calling For Day Of Action Following Loss Of Camp In Zuccotti Park
Occupy Wall Street day of action poster (credit:
Then, protesters will fan out to all five boroughs of the city in what’s being called Occupy the Subway.
They plan on gathering at 16 subways stations around New York City to take their message to the trains.
Finally, they say tens of thousands of protesters will end the day in Foley Square followed by a march to the Brooklyn Bridge to mark the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Their website says similar days of action are also planned at Occupy sites around the country and around the world.
After Tuesday’s raid of Zuccotti Park that cleared it of tents, sleeping bags and tarps, protesters marched to Foley and Duarte Square where they distributed a poster about Thursday’s day of action.
“The ideas that we have put into public discussion around this country and around the world set into sharp relief who gets what, who has a safety net, who gets thrown under the bus,” said spokesman Bill Dobbs.
City leaders who were against the raid at Zuccotti are also set to participate.
While the official movement is planning its day of action, other individuals seem to be making plans of their own.
In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”
Warning: Graphic Language – Watch the video below:

Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”
The official movement is calling for only non-violent action during its marches and rallies on Thursday.

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