Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie Will Visit Iowa Next Month

chris wysoocki -wNope, Chris Christie is not running for president. He said so, again, after meeting yesterday with a group of influential Iowa GOP donors. They flew to NJ in an (apparently unsuccessful) attempt to persuade him to enter the race.

But riddle me this Batman. How many guys (or gals) who aren't running for president have scheduled high-profile trips to Iowa this summer?
Gov. Chris Christie will travel to Iowa this summer to participate in an education summit.
The governor, who has insisted vehemently that he isn't running for president, is going at the request of Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, said Christie political strategist Mike DuHaime.
Two other big-name Republicans who aren't running for president either (yet!) also plan to visit Iowa this summer. Rep. Michele Bachmann has all but declared her candidacy already, and Sarah Palin is giving the media fits as her multi-state bus tour bobs and weaves its way to New York, Massachusetts, and … Iowa.
If we take Chris Christie at his word that he's "not ready" to be president, can we perhaps, maybe, potentially see him running for Vice President? Is there a Palin / Christie, or Bachmann / Christie ticket in our future?
He'd certainly lend a whole lotta gravitas to either lady's presidential aspirations. And he still wouldn't be running for president.

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