Thursday, May 5, 2011

Republicans, Conservatives And Tea Party: Pres. Obama is Guaranteed Re-Election In 2012

Wayward Herring - The killing of Osama Bin Laden by President Obama has made it almost impossible for the Republicans to recapture the Presidency 2012. The killing of Bin Laden has destroyed the mantra that President Obama is incompetent and weak on national defense which has been a serious problem for Democrats ever since, the failed Carter Presidency. The killing of Bin Laden by President Obama has also, destroyed the myth that a Democrat President could not handle a major national security mission without complete failure.The mission was flawless and without error and the American people will remember this on election day. Therefore, President Obama has transformed himself into a strong Commander In Chief in the eyes on many Americans after the killing of the most wanted man on the planet earth and that will be a hard task for any Republican nominee to overcome in 2012 general election campaign. The American people love a winner and President Obama is the biggest winner in the entire world and they will reward him with a second term in office, even though we have 9% unemployment, gas prices at a near record high and food skyrocketing to it's highest levels in decades. The Republicans don't have a strong enough candidate right now who can beat President Obama with his one billion dollar campaign chest in a potential match up in the race for the White House. There is no way in hell Mitt Romney the father of Obamacare is going to beat President Obama and Gov. Huckabee will be eaten alive by the Obama mainstream media machine. The only hope the Republicans have of making the election campaign even close is by nominating Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Rep. Paul Ryan Wisconsin or Sen. Marco Rubio  Florida will probably wait until 2016 to make a run for the Oval Office. Finally, it does not matter how much we cry about Obamacare, deficit or economy President Obama has found the silver bullet to remain in the White House for a second term and that is killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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