Monday, May 16, 2011

6 Dirty Secrets About How Inflation Affects The Average American

Swiss American Trading - Today the public and the media are both caught in the web of contradictory disinformation about inflation, which is then spread by governments, political partisans, ideologues and pundits to further their own causes.
American citizens know that rising inflation can be extremely dangerous, so why do politicians and central bankers keep printing reckless amounts of paper money, knowing the catastrophe this can cause?
"The answer is that inflation is many things in addition to devaluation of the currency," writes Craig R. Smith, businessman and author of "Crashing the Dollar."
"Inflation is literally becoming a new kind of governance,” an “Inflatocracy,” Smith explains, “that imposes its own sinister rules and alternative values, values quite different from those of America's Founders."
Mr. Smith invites readers to discover six major hidden government uses of inflation:
1) Inflation as a Tool to help political friends and harm enemies.
2) Inflation as an Ideology.
3) Inflation as a form of Taxation, here and abroad.
4) Inflation as a device for Social Engineering.
5) Inflation as a means of Wealth Redistribution.
6) Inflation as a way to seize and exercise Power.

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George Orwell warned in his futuristic novel "1984" about the risk of being taken in by "Newspeak," government's deceptive use of words – especially when it comes to protecting your hard-earned assets.

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