Saturday, April 9, 2011

Government Shutdown, 24hr.Cable News Hysteria

Larry Johnson - Can’t stand to watch the hand-wringing and screeching of the various cable news anchors and politicians hyperventilating about the supposed tragedy of shutting down the Federal Government. For starters it is Friday night. The Federal Government largely folded its tents about 4:30 pm today as hundreds of thousands of non-essential government employees headed home to start their weekend. 98% of the Federal work force do not work over the weekend nor are their services required. So enough of the fucking panic talk. The beast is closed right now and won’t be doing much of anything until about 9:30 am Monday morning.

At places like the Pentagon and the CIA there are “Watch Centers.” These run 24 – 7 and will continue to operate with or without a continuing resolution. Government run hospitals will continue to operate (but new patients in experimental therapies will not be admitted at the National Institutes of Health).

The hard truth that Americans need to embrace is that the Federal Government is too damn big and needs some serious amputation surgery.

You could easily eliminate 80% of the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, Education and Housing and Urban Development and would not miss a damn thing. How about DOD? The CIA? NSA? Yep, cut them all. Let’s face it, working for the Federal Government is welfare for white people. The problem we now face in this country is that more people are working for government entities than are working for private, commercial entities.

The Republicans have done their part. They have passed a bill to fund the Government. The Democrats, who controlled the Congress and the White House until December 2010, completely failed to do the basic job of passing a budget. Screw the budget. They ramped up spending in the futile belief that money would buy them love and support. Nope. America ain’t buying that turd sandwich anymore.

It is time for fiscal responsibility.

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