Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Hell With Wisconsin Public Employee Unions

Larry Johnson - Who the hell do these people think they are? Entitled to a job? Guaranteed lifetime employment? Top shelf healthcare?

Sorry, but as someone who once worked for the Federal Government, I understand that holding a job paid for by the U.S. taxpayer is a gift, not an entitlement. But that’s a point the union assholes in Wisconsin and around the country do not understand.

Taxpayers do not get to choose to pay taxes. You have to pay or you risk going to jail. So that money, which Government officials take from you forcibly, is different than the money you spend at McDonalds or Nordstrom or Best Buy. Why?

If you buy a lousy product you can take it back and ask for your money back. If you get lousy service you can decline to tip and/or complain to the management. I’ll give you a case in point. Last week while in Florida I called Uncle Julio’s in Boca Raton for carry out. They promised to have the food ready for pick up in twenty minutes. I made a wrong turn and arrived at the restaurant 35 minutes later. I asked for the food and was promised it would be out in a minute. Ten minutes later I was still waiting and I was pissed. I canceled the order and asked to see the manager. The manager, to his credit, came out with the food. Before I could say a word he apologized for the delay, returned my money and gave me the food.

Uncle Julio’s is great Tex/Mex and the manager won me back as a customer. So if you are sending your kid to public school and they are behind in math or reading do you get your money back? Hell no. My son was in the special education program of Montgomery County Maryland. They were supposed to teach him to read. Instead we ultimately had to take him to a specialist (Lindamood Bell) where he did learn to read. Before he started public school we lived in Argentina (he was three years old) and he learned to speak Spanish. He translated for my wife when they took the bus to the center of Cordoba to go shopping. So when he was in 7th grade and he tried to sign up for Spanish at Charles Woodward Middle School he was told, “You do not have the ability to learn Spanish.” It is this kind of mindless bullshit we constantly encountered from the highly touted public education system.

So count me as someone who believes strongly in the power of the dollar. I patronize those who sell a great product or provide a great service. I don’t pay for crappy food or shoddy products. But when it comes to government I don’t have much of a choice. I have to swallow what they supply. So spare me the crocodile tears in bemoaning the plight of Public Employee Unions. FUCK YOU AND GET BACK TO WORK!

And Scott Walker? You’re the man. Stay strong!

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