Monday, March 7, 2011

America Is Not Broke? Michael Moore Is Crazy As Hell

Larry Johnson - In the bizarre world of so-called progressive thought, Michael Moore is offered up as one of the left’s brightest lights. Maybe he was the inspiration for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Bright is in the eyes of the beholders.

According to Moore:

The nation is not broke, my friends. Wisconsin is not broke. Saying that the country is broke is repeating a Big Lie. It’s one of the three biggest lies of the decade: 1) America is broke, 2) Iraq has WMD, and 3) The Packers can’t win the Super Bowl without Brett Favre.

The truth is, there’s lots of money to go around. LOTS. It’s just that those in charge have diverted that wealth into a deep well that sits on their well-guarded estates. They know they have committed crimes to make this happen and they know that someday you may want to see some of that money that used to be yours. So they have bought and paid for hundreds of politicians across the country to do their bidding for them. But just in case that doesn’t work, they’ve got their gated communities, and the luxury jet is always fully fueled, the engines running, waiting for that day they hope never comes.

Man. Am I glad he cleared that up. Who knew? The Chinese are not buying our T-Bills.

There is no budget deficit. Hell, and Michael Moore ain’t fat. Nope, those rolls of flesh protruding over his belt and the enormous ass crack showing when he bends over to pick up cigarette butts littering the ground is just a figment of your hating mentality. He’s an Adonis. Don’t you get it?

In the magical world of the progressives more government and more debt is the recipe for success. (Sorry for the quick hit but I’m working an exercise, 12 hour night shifts, and don’t have as much time to write as I would like).

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your opinions with me first and foremost. However, it appears as if you fit the "sheep" mentality just like so many other ignorant Americans. American is on its last leg financially, but it does not appear as if the country is in a horrible condition. For example, an ocean appears to be beautiful on the surface when the sun is shining on it, but it is sick and filthy underneath. America never worries about a problem until it is right in their faces. It will be too late when it finally hits the fan.