Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome To Liberal Progressive America, 90 Pregnant Girls In A Memphis High School

Ria Patel - This may sound bizarre but it is absolutely true. A high school in Memphis is facing this crisis now and they are after resolving it by educating the teenagers in the school about unwanted pregnancies.

Fraser High School at Memphis has at least 90 girls who are pregnant or already gave birth to a child. This sounds something really awful.

This awkward situation has raised alarm to the whole education system and its effectiveness on today's teenagers. There is also a pressing demand of proper sex education in schools so that these young children can gauge the harms of the explicit relationships.

Fraser High School has 978 students out of which 508 are girls. It means almost 18% of the girls students are facing the problem with pregnancy or have already become a mother.

Ms. Deborah Hester Harrison from the organisation Girls Inc says her institution explains to girls about the harms of unwanted pregnancy and how to avoid it.

She blames lack of education to be the cause of this crisis. At Fraser County there is a 26% rate of teenage pregnancy which is twice of the national average.

She blames the media to be primarily responsible for the situation. She says, "'So much of our society is sexually oriented. As adults we can look at that and it doesn't impact us, but kids are different."

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