Monday, October 4, 2010

The New Slogan On The Left

JustOneMinute - In the course of telling us how CNN and MSNBC have floundered in chasing Fox News, we learn the new liberal slogan of MSNBC:

The network hired Spike Lee to shoot a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign and developed its own obtuse slogan: “Lean Forward.”

Oh, geez - why don't they just lean the rest of the way and announce that the new progressive slogan is "Bend Over"?

BLOW THEM DOWN: It's New York Magazine, so we expect the usual liberal self-congratulation. Ad they deliver!

...MSNBC’s new identity has been a ratings boon. Its audience is less than half the size of Fox’s, partly because liberals tend to pride themselves on being part of the fact-based community and may prefer media products like the New York Times, or the PBS NewsHour, which make their points without shouting.

Obviously they have read neither the latest Pew Research nor the Charles Blow column summarizing it. His second paragraph:

The unpleasant fact that these liberals rarely mention, and may not know, is that large swaths of the Democratic base, groups they need to vote in droves next month — blacks, Hispanics and young people — are far less civically literate than their conservative counterparts.

And I would also guess they haven't perused such calm, thoughtful sites as DKos lately. Or ever.

OK, THAT'S EERIE: Other than this New York story (picked up by Politico) I can't find any confirmation of a new MSNBC slogan. However, roughly a minute after I posted this piece, my last desperate Google search echoed back my own blog post. By way of contrast, Bing is ignoring me even two minutes later.

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