Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Desperate Barney Frank Calls In The Big Guns Clinton And Obama

Sisu - "There are rumors that Barney Frank, concerned about Sean Bielat’s insurgency in the 4th District, has asked Obama [who'll be stumping for Gov. Duvall Patrick at the Hynes Convention Center at noon Saturday] to make an appearance in the Newton area" this weekend, writes a hyped Stacy McCain, who's on the ground here in Eastern Massachusetts getting the scoop in partnership with our own Bay State beat reporter Peter Ingemi, aka Da Tech Guy. Listen to the dynamic duo's interview of Sean Bielat at his Newton headquarters, give to Sean's Bye Bye Barney moneybomb early and often, and finally, please consider hitting the tip jar for Pete and Stacy's Have-Fedoras-Will-Travel Road Trip. Now a few thoughts on where we've been and where we've come to as we prepare for the final GOTV push — See Ace of Spades HQ for more — on the eve of this portentous election.

As a member of the Army of Davids who blogged our heart out to restore the "Kennedy Seat" back to the "People's Seat" in the special election last January that sent Mr. Brown to Washington, we're totally energized by our supremely qualified prospective citizen legislator Sean Bielat's campaign to restore the "Barney Frank Seat" back to its rightful owners.

By the time we discovered Sean's "Retire Barney" campaign at the April 2010 Boston Tea Party on the Common, we'd gotten into the habit of giving to "strategic small-government candidates, not parties." Thinking strategically, we skipped over "our own far less powerful MA 8 District Rep. Michael Capuano to go straight for the jugular of the man who did so much to precipitate the nation's current economic woes," as we wrote a couple of months back.

It's all about disintermediating the powers that be via the internet and every other medium out there, from blogging and twittering and social networking on Facebook to beat reporting à la Fedora, knocking on doors and phonebanking from campaign HQ or from home. This new kind of grassroots campaigning is shaking up the establishment of both parties in what we love to call "term limits by other means."

And now there's an even easier way to put your money where your mouth is, the Election Day Tea Party Cash-for-Candidates program (h/t DanRiehl) that kicked off yesterday and ends at midnight tonight. Scroll down for our man Sean Bielat, #49. As Dan says:

If the cash is going directly to the candidates for any organization, then it sounds like a good idea. I think the trending is away from giving to orgs … to candidates directly. And it's probaby how it should be.

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