Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long: Ex-Wife Claims Abuse During There Divorce

In 1985 divorce papers, Bishop Eddie Long’s ex-wife, Dabara Houston, claimed that she was subjected to “cruel treatment” by Eddie Long when she was almost 8 months pregnant with their son.

According to papers filed in Atlanta’s Fulton County Superior Court, Houston was afraid of Long’s “violent and vicious temper.” She and her son fled the couples Fairburn, GA home “in order to ensure their safety.”
Their son, Edward Long, is currently New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s youth director for junior and senior high ministries.

Bishop Eddie Long could not be reached for comment, but through his attorney, Craig Gillen, he addressed the news in a statement which said “The allegations of a divorce pleading that is nearly 30 years old are absolutely ‘not true.’ It’s offensive and disappointing that the media would drag up these outrageous allegations and make them a part of their reporting.”

These new accusations come just days after two of Longs accusers spoke publicly in interviews.
Jamal Parris one of Longs accusers, first spoke on Tuesday evening to FOX Atlanta, calling Bishop Long a “monster”. Parris said Long had encouraged him to call him “Daddy,” and that he “would discuss the Holy Scripture to justify and support the sexual activity.”

Wednesday, Spencer LeGrande, another accuser, told WSB-TV in Atlanta that he has been “free” since filing the lawsuit. “This is a hard time for the world and you know I have no hate for anyone, because God doesn’t produce hate,” Spencer LeGrande told ABC affiliate, “I pray for everyone, especially Bishop, ’cause he knows the truth, he knows the truth.”

Because Bishops Longs four accusers all claim to have had sexual relationships with Long when they were 17 and 18, Long will not face criminal charges. The legal age of consent in Georgia is 16.

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  1. i know we should not judge one another........and we are innocent until proven guilty.but!!!!!! i believe eddie long is guilty as hell. if i am wrong, i would be the first one to say i am sorry...