Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christine O' Donnell's Sunday Cancellations Could Be A Palin Inspired Move

Riehl World View - Sarah Palin made an interesting comment in her recent Iowa speech. It leaves me wondering if she's had more than a brief congratulatory phone call with Christine O'Donnell. We all know how Palin's early national television exposure turned out.

Palin gave no hint of her plans beyond this fall. Asked after her speech when she planned on returning to Iowa, which holds the nation's first presidential caucus in 2012, she said soon. She quickly added, however, that she wants to get to Delaware very soon and start knocking on doors.

Without knowing more, or what's really in Christine O'Donnell's mind, or behind her fall strategy, it's possible to see a scenario in which O'Donnell's cancellation of two Sunday news shows was actually the right and a smart political move.

WASHINGTON – Tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell, whose Republican primary upset in Delaware's Senate race shocked the GOP, canceled appearances Sunday on two national news shows. O'Donnell had been set to appear on "Face the Nation" on CBS and "Fox News Sunday."

Christine O'Donnell has raised well over 1 million dollars since her primary win over Mike Castle. Her current stated goal on her website is 2 million dollars. Her opponent, Leftist Chris Coons, has been reported to have raised about $125 k. Exposure on the Sunday talk show circuit is good exposure for raising money nationally. O'Donnell already has that. She's not running for Vice President, as Palin was, and the people she needs to convince she'd make a good Senator all live in one small state, Delaware.

For her to win, her race has to focus on Leftist Chris Coons and Obama's Leftist policies that have not been working, while leaving a majority of the country dissatisfied with both Obama and the Democrats.

Given that Bill Maher is already doing his own personal and rather hypocritical oppo research dump on her, using his own show's decade old archives to do it, it's unlikely that the Sunday shows were going to want to focus on the topcis that work to O'Donnell's advantage.

While understanding how critics might justifiably point to the cancenllations as bad news, or a bad move for O'Donnell, when one stops to look at the overall dynamics, it's also possible to see a scenario in which they represent a very smart move. We're going to have to wait and see what happens next to actually know which scenario proves true in the end.

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