Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Could Grow Outside Of Spencer And Legrande

The Bishop Eddie Long scandal (photos below) added Spencer LeGrande as a new plaintiff on Friday; but by all indications, the scandal could add more possible plaintiffs next week. While the Bishop Eddie Long scandal may have started with the assertion of only two men, that quickly changed, adding a third by midweek. That prompted the counsel for all three men to indicate she had received phone calls of multiple alleged victims that may still come forward. Within forty eight hours of those assertions, counsel added yet another plaintiff: Spencer LeGrande.

With all four complaints detailing an inner order of alleged coercion and deception, the Spiritual Sons, the question remains how many men were in the order from which this scandal is developing. Multiple plaintiffs’ complaints have indicated that Spiritual Sons each learned they weren’t the only alleged victims. Plaintiffs spoke to other men allegedly traumatized by the conduct of Bishop Eddie Long.

With a case growing from two to four plaintiffs in just two days, that could very much change next week.

And yet, when you line up all the complaints next to each other, they indicate a certain type of male that Bishop Eddie Long would allegedly target. His alleged conduct would start by introductions to males at roughly at age 15. When they were 16 or 17, Bishop Eddie Long would allegedly be already kissing them on the lips. And by age 18, he was already allegedly succeeding in getting them in bed for relations.

The type of men coming forward for the most part all shared similarities as teens. They came from homes without father figures, without a car for them to drive, without great amounts of money. All the items that the plaintiffs claimed they lacked, Bishop Eddie Long is accused of inserting himself into. Free cars, free cash, free room and board were among the items Bishop Eddie Long is accused of using to create a stronghold over the boys.

Plaintiffs: Jamal Parris, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg

But emotionally, Bishop Eddie Long is accused of terrorizing the men by portraying himself as their replacement father. “Defendant Long held on to Plaintiff LeGrande and assured him “I got you”, “I will be your dad” ” says the LeGrande complaint. “Defendant Long demanded Plaintiff LeGande call him often”.

But unlike any normal father, Bishop Eddie Long is accused of getting his “sons” into bed for his personal gratification, stalking them, controlling their lives, even changing their lives. “Defendant Long would become angry if Plaintiff LeGrande failed to call Plaintiff Long on a frequent basis.” “Defendant Long told Plaintiff LeGrande to call him “Dad” “.

For LeGrande, Bishop Eddie Long was making alleged advances by age 17. And yet, the stronghold allegedly didn’t stop there. The plaintiffs accuse Bishop Eddie Long of not fostering their lives but changing them so that he could get what he wanted. Spencer LeGrande, like the other boys, claims he had girlfriends, or possible girlfriends, and that Bishop Eddie Long told him to get rid of them, blocked him from seeing girls.

Bishop Eddie Long is accused of also not letting his “sons” go to college and pursue athlete careers at the institutions of their choice so that he could house them at a facility and continue his alleged conduct in their beds.

“Defendant Long told Plaintiff LeGrande that he expected Plaintiff LeGrande to go to school … and have no girlfriends….Plaintiff LeGrande abandoned his plans to pursue a collegiate basketball career and applied to Beluah [to prepare to enter the ministry]. …Defendant LeGrande would engage in intimate … contact with Plaintff LeGrande at the Harvell House.”

Bishop Eddie Long has denied any wrongdoing.

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