Monday, May 24, 2010

Student Suspended In America For Wearing Rosary Beads

The mother of Raymond Hosier, 13, who was suspended for wearing rosary beads to school, met with school administrators Thursday.

They told her that they are standing by their policy which states that beads are not allowed to be worn out of concern they may be gang related.

She tells FOX23 News that administrators said if Hosier shows up to school Monday with the beads on - he will be suspended again.

Tonight on FOX23 News at 10 and 11 we’ll hear from her.

Raymond was suspended from school for wearing rosary beads

Raymond was suspended from school for wearing rosary beads
Raymond Hosier clinged to his rosary beads and he doesn't plan on taking them off.

"They're in honor of my brother and uncle and that's how it's gonna stay," he said.

Raymond said on Monday that the principal at Oneida Middle School told him to take off or hide his rosary per school policy. But he didn't and went back to school on Tuesday. When Raymond went in on Wednesday he was suspended.

District leaders tell FOX23 News and the school's policy states that students may not wear beads out of concern they may be gang related.

"I was just mad they were suspending me for rosary beads and I told them I wasn't in a gang. They just resemble my brother and uncle," said Hosier.

Raymond recently started wearing the religious symbol every day in rememberance of his older brother Joey who was struck and killed by car back in 2005 and for his uncle who died of cancer two weeks ago.

"I think it's not right to kick me out of school for wearing rosary beads," said Hosier.

"He's got rights as a citizen. He's got the right to demonstrate his religion," said Raymond's mother Chantal Hosier.

His mother says Raymond is not a trouble maker at all, in fact he does well in school and gets A's and B's.

But the death of Joey is still tough on the family.

"Honestly, there's some of my children that haven't even dealt completely with Joey's death and if this is their way than that's their way," said Chantal Hosier.

Raymond says he won't take off his rosary beads, hopeful the school has a change of heart.

"I just hope I can keep wearing them without getting in trouble or suspended from school," said Raymond Hosier.

A school spokeswoman says they cannot comment on cases involving suspended students.

Chantal Hosier plans on meeting with school administrators on Thursday.

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