Friday, March 19, 2010

16,000 New IRS Employees To Enforce Mandated Health Care Reform

House Republicans say the IRS will hire more than 16,000 new employees to enforce the so-called healthcare individual mandates requiring people to buy coverage.

Republicans also say the new healthcare bill will require 10-billion dollars to pay for new auditors, agents and employees at the IRS.

Herger says it’s another reason to oppose the legislation.

HERGER: “One-sixth of our entire economy to be taken over by Washington… by the federal government, with the IRS implementing this, enforcing it I should say is just one more outrage among many many outrages.”

Democrats say their overhaul plan will reduce health care costs over time – by making the size of the insurance pool larger. The House is expected to take a final vote on the plan Sunday with no Republican support.

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  1. IRS will be the new "Gustpo Police" for the Obama Administration. This is socialism at it's highest order.