Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ed Schultz Uses Cheney's Heart Condition To Pass Health Care Reform

MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Said Tuesday during his that Vice President Dick Cheney was the so-called poster boy for nationalized health care in America. Ed Schultz said, in a sarcastic way that he, wished the former Vice President had a speedy recovery becasue he is now the poster child for health Care in America said Ed Schultz to the Huffington Post's Sekoff. "I mean, five deferments and five heart attacks," Schultz continued. "That's a hell of a life, isn't it, Roy?" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Dick Cheney going to be released from a hospital in a day or two after suffering a minor heart attack. I wish the former Vice President a speedy recovery because he is now the poster child for healthcare in this country. Americans would love to have the same healthcare coverage that Dick Cheney has. Joining me now for all of that is Roy Sekoff, founding editor of the Huffington Post. I mean, five deferments and five heart attacks. That's a hell of a life, isn't it, Roy?

ROY SEKOFF, HUFFINGTON POST: You nailed it, Ed. He's now matched the deferments as he has with the heart attacks. But, as you say, you know, the average American, if Dick Cheney was Joe Schmoe, you know, he would have lost his insurance a long time ago. He would have lost his house, he would have lost his job, he would have lost his car, he would have lost his credit cards. You know, because we know that 50% of all bankruptcies are the result of a medical emergency like this. So, you can imagine. Could you imagine if Cheney if he was an average guy trying to get insurance? Can you imagine that call, Ed? "Yeah, I'm 69. I have had five heart attacks. I have had quadruple bypass, two angioplasties, and I've had a defibrillator stuck. Hello? Hello?" You know, not going to happen.

SCHULTZ: Roy, I think that the Democrats should use Dick Cheney as the example as to what the Republicans have been voting against all along. This is the kind of healthcare Americans could have if we went with President Obama's plan. Thanks to for transcripts.

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