Thursday, February 18, 2010

Debt Commission A Cover For Massive Tax Hikes On The Middle Class

The new so called Bipartisan National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is a scam, sham and license to steal taxpayers dollars. This Debt Commission will be used as a cover to raise taxes on middle class Americans during a recession. The President will hold up and present the Debt Commission proposals to the American people. Obama will tout Debt Commission findings across the country saying that the only way we can balance our country budget is by raising taxes on all Americans. Therefore, this means that the average middle class taxpayer will be hit with two tax hikes in 2011. The first tax hike will come when the Bush Tax Cuts expire at the end of the year. The second tax hike will probably be a national sales tax similar to a Goods And Services Tax they have in Canada. The President does not need a debt commission to regin in spending all he, has to do is not submit a $3.8 trillion dollar budget to Congress. The President could use the unspent $500 million from failed Stimulus Plan and TARP money not spent as a down payment on the federal deficit. The President could have cut each department in the federal budget by 15% with a stroke of his Presidential pen. President Obama is a coward and he needs cover to get in the taxpayers pockets. I am surprised that former Wyoming Republican Sen. Alan Simpson would fall for this typical Washington scam on the American people. The President has the majority in both Houses of Congress he can pass any fiscally responsible budget he wants at anytime.

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