Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sen. Dodd and Dorgan Are Pushed Out The Backdoor.

The Democrats are dropping out of the 2010 elections like flies because they all can see the writing on the wall after only one year of President Obama Socialist policies. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-C) has schedule a news conference today to announce his retirement from the U.S. Senate. Sen. Dodd is not the only longtime Democratic senator ready to resign from the Senate, but also Sen. Byron Dorgan (D) will also announce that he will not seek a re-election in South Dakota. Sen. Dodd told friends and family he would rather retire than face a tough general election campaign this fall. The Democrats probably pushed both Senators out the backdoor to increase Democrat chances of retaining Dodd liberal seat in Connecticut. The Democrats have a excellent chance with state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who is one of the most popular politicians in the state. Blumenthal competition will be Republican Linda McMahon and Former Rep. Rob Simmons is a wealthy businessman in Connecticut. Linda McMahon is the wife of WEE wrestling owner Vince McMahon and if she wins the Republican nomination I can just see the campaign commercials.. These two candidates would be a huge underdog against Blumenthal in a general election. the Republicans chances of winning a Senate seat is over in Connecticut but in South Dakota the Republicans should pick up Sen. Dorgan seat in a Conservative state that Sen. John McCain won easily in the 2008 Presidential election. Finally, we all know that President Obama and Democratic Party leaders pushed Dodd and Dorgan out the backdoor because of the high probability of both senators losing there seats this fall. The Democrats are basically blaming these senators for there problems with there state electorate but these senators should be blaming President Obama for his ridiculous policies that are bankrupting our nation.

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  1. Theses two Senators will become rich lobbyist in Washington D.C..