Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Olbermann, Maddow and Schultz "The MSNBC Merchants Of Hate"

I personally enjoyed watching Scott Brown become Senator of Massachusetts and the 41st vote against Obamacare. I also, had a opportunity to watch the Merchants Of Hate' over at MSNBC. This so-called news channel is totally out of control and leading the cast of "Haters" is Keith "Physco" Olbermann who spewed out so much venom towards Scott Brown in a one minute speech that he should be fired for using this type of reckless language towards a future sitting United States Senator. Keith Olbermann made Scott Brown out to be a racist, teabagger and homophobic individual who despises anyone who is different form his political views and that is simply not true. This "Joker" Olbermann is the only person who criticized Scott Brown campaign everyone in the media including liberals said,"that Scott Brown ran one of the best campaigns in the last five years. Keith Olbermann was not the only person on MSNBC who spewed hate towards Scott Brown Rachael Maddow Keith Olbermann "Robin" continued the hate fest with some unkind words about Scott Brown. It did not stop there earlier in the day Ed "Crazy" Schultz," said that Massachusetts voters should vote ten times if it meant defeating Scott Brown and passing any version of Obamacare. Finally, the best picture of the night is watching sweet innocent Norah O' Donnell face when Scott Brown became the next Senator of Massachusetts I thought that Mrs. O' Donnell was going to cry on the air. It seemed like Mrs. O' Donnell was at a funeral at not a campaign victory rally. Watch the one minute video of Keith Olbermann Hatred towards Scott Brown.


  1. Thank You, for telling the truth about MSNBC.

  2. "Truth" can be backed up with facts and examples, both of which are woefully missing in this post. All I see is a lot of name calling so who's the hater here?