Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama Economic Jobs Speech A "Fiasco"

After spending 787 Billion dollars on a ridiculous Stimulus Bill President Obama will be giving a speech today on the economy. President Obama planned remarks are the same as last week, "What have seen is companies shed jobs very quickly, partly induced by the panic on Wall Street, and they are still tentative about hiring all those laid off, "Obama told reporters after a Oval Office meeting with Turkey's Prime Minister. He also said companies have become more efficient after doing more with less for so long, "that they may feel that they can produce the same amount of goods or services without as many employees. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the President also intends to send a message to Main street, "help is on the way. "To that end, Obama is is expected to call for using some funds originally allocated for the TARP program for new stimulus measures. It sends the message that your economic viability is just as important as anybody that lives and works on Wall Street. that is the message that President Obama has hoped and wanted to send for his entire administration, and that is what he has done in the recovery plan; That i what he will do in his speech, "Gibbs said. Don't expect to hear a grand cure-all the nation persistent unemployment problem. However, President is not going to unveil the silver bullet idea where all the jobs will be made up by the loss in the economic downturn and the some, "Gibbs said. "If there was one idea to do this, I assume it would have been done sometime in the intervening 22 months. Gibbs also, declined to call any new programs announced tomorrow a second stimulus. Meanwhile, some have questioned whether Obama can use funds originally allocated for the TARP program for new initiatives. Gibbs said, "the White House "is looking at that, "especially the unexpected 200 billion dollars coming back from the Treasury coffers as financial institutions repay the federal bailout. President Obama and his Chicago cronies don't have a clue how to jump start the economy. Less than ten percent of his Administration are entrepreneurs and that is the smallest percent in recent history with any administration. The 787 Billion Dollar stimulus Bill is starting to become a "fiasco" and should be investigated for government waste. The Stimulus bill is not creating any jobs across America now Obama wants to spend another 200 billion on jobs. This joker should be impeached for wasting the taxpayers valuable dollars. How long will it take before the American people find out that President Obama is nothing more than incompetent political hack from Chicago.

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  1. Obama is trying to bankrupt America.