Friday, December 18, 2009

Detriot In Chaos: Unemployment stands and 50%

Nearly one out of two workers in Detroit are unemployed according to a report done by the Detroit News. It's a figure far higher than the government official, which is still close to a staggering thirty percent. But the newspaper says the rate does not take everything into account. For every person who is still looking and collecting unemployment, there are scores of others who have had there benefits run out, accepted a part-time position, taken early retirement or a job outside there regular field. This is higher than the unemployment in the Great Depression. In 1931, the official unemployment rate was 24.9%. It took a world War to stimulate the Detroit economy and bring it down to 4.7%. her President Obama wasted $787 Billion dollars on a stimulus plan that did not create any jobs for cities like Detroit that are on the edge of becoming a Small Third World Country. The Democratic Led Congress has passed another so-called jobs bill that cost $100 billion dollars with $50 billion for public works projects with almost another $5o billion for cash strapped states and local governments. The bill blends a a familiar mix of money for highways, transit and water projects and aid to communities to retain teachers and firefighters. There is also $41 billion for a six month extension of more generous unemployment benefits and $12 billion to renew health care subsidies. Finally, President Obama and Democrats have spent over a trillion dollars on job creation and cities like Detroit are on the brink of destruction. President Obama is spending all his time on health care and Global Warming when Americans need jobs just to survive. This President has the wrong priorities but maybe, to him and his fellow socialist passing health care and Cap And Trade are the most important priorities in his Administration because there ultimate goal is to usher in new age of European style socialism into American society. President Obama would rather be in Copenhagen, Denmark talking about the biggest hoax in the history of the world Global Warming instead of working on a plan that will help Americans get back to work.


  1. I don't understand why Americans who in inner-city Communities keep supporting the Democratic Party when they don't creat jobs for there most loyal supporters.

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