Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Congress Deserves A Shoe To The Head "IF They Pass Health Care Reform"

There seems to a large number of Democrats in the House and Senate who all willing to lose there seats in Congress to pass a Health Care Reform Bill. President Obama loyal subjects are willing to fall on the sword of the American people to pass this socialist legalisation. To many, politicail observers who say that the Democrats in Congress have a death wish, because a large majority of the American public opposes this ridiculous piece of legislation proposed by the Democrats. But a handful of Moderate Democrats will determine if the so-called historic piece of legislation is passed through Congress. Democrats will pay at the polls for their vote in favor of sweeping health care reform package. The American people are frustrated with the liberal-socialist Establishment in Washington D.C. who are ignoring the will of the people on this important issue that may bankrupt this country. Democrats have said for months that their success as a party in 2010 would hinge on the ability to implement President Obama legislative agenda. At the same time, a Presidents Party almost always losses seats in midterm elections, and often Senate seats as well. a bad economy, health care reform, Cap and Trade and high unemployment would make that even more likely. Inevitably, that means some moderate Democrats like Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), Evan Byah (D- Indiana), Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas) will be forced to make some difficult choices in the next year leading up to the election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is willing to lose 25-30 House seats which will probably be moderate Democrats for Red States. Speaker Pelosi and President Obama are willing to sacrifice these seats to the angry American public if they pass a health care reform bill. However, the so-called Blue Dog Democrats will have to understand President Obama and Speaker Pelosi will have no use for you after they pass there socialist health care bill. Speaker Pelosi will be happy with a majority of here caucus being liberal and they will not shed a tear for any of "Blue Bog Democrats" who will lose there election in 2010.

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