Tuesday, December 22, 2009

56%Of Americans Think Federal Government Is Operating Out of Line With The Constitution

a majority of Americans believe a increases government role in health care would lead to more government corruption, while a plurality of Americans think that the scientific data supporting man made global warming is mostly falsified.That is in a new poll by Survey USA reveals. These poll numbers come at a time when President Obama is pushing for international agreements to address apparent global warming and is also advocating a major overhaul of the health care in America. The poll of 1,450 adults by Survey USA was conducted Dec 11-14 and was commissioned by the conservative Watchdog Group Judaical Watch. The poll asked questions on several topics, including government corruption, transparency, illegal immigration and ACORN. Specifically the poll asked, "Do you think data suggesting global warming is a result of human activity is mostly genuine? Or mostly Falsified? A plurality of 49% answered mostly falsified,"while 41% answered mostly genuine and 10% were unsure. An overwhelming 62% said more corruption if health care is passed and just 14% less corruption and 21% said it would make no difference. While other polls show Obama approval ratings slipping under 50%, the asked "As a whole are the decisions made by the Obama Administration good for America? Or bad for America? To that, 58% answered bad for America,"37% said good for America and 6% were not sure. Finally the poll further shows that 64% of voters think the government is to big and that 62% think that bigger government leads to more corruption Also, 72% think political corruption play a major role in the financial crisis last year. The most important number in this poll is that 56% of Americans think the federal government is operating out of line with the Constitution.


  1. I am surprised that only 56% of americans beleive that the federal government is out of line with the Constitution. I thought it would be at least 80% but I forgot that there are a growing number of socialist in America.