Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Less Breast Cancer Screening For Women "Welcome To Obamacare"

The preview of rationing health care under President Obama has already begun with a federal panel calls for less screening breast cancer for women and they have not passed Obamacare through Congress yet. The pathetic new guidelines and recommendations were passed without a "Oncologist Doctor" on this government panel. The government claimed that it would be the championing increased spending and prevention for breast cancer. We now have a government panel wanting to cut back on the number of mammograms preformed, mammograms that could be potentially life saving, because you can get a false positive and feel anxiety. Therefore, most women I have talked to yesterday say, I would rather be safe than sorry. They would rather get the mammogram and have doctors look into a suspicious lump false positive or not, than just shove it off for a few years and end up having cancer in a more sever stage Isn't this what the Obamacare Panel is recommending. These jokers are not just going after mammograms. They don't even want women doing self examinations anymore. This government panel does not want to take a risk of a woman too young finding a lump on her breast and getting it checked out to be safe. That you means that government run health care is spending too much money. The motivation here is clearly not to save lives or to decrease anxiety women get over there mammograms. It is all about the money and how we can keep Obamacare under budget. Finally, God showing us a preview of "Obamacare" and there will be a non-qualified bureaucrats in Washington making decision about your health care.

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  1. Obamacare is a death sentence to millions of Americans.