Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Democrats "Throw those Worthless Humans To The Wolves"

Democrats really don't care about the human rights of people all across the world. The Democrats would leave Afghanistan and let the Taliban oppress and kill the indigenous population who supported the U.S. and NATO Forces. The Democrats use to be the party who cared about the human rights individuals all across the world especially in South Africa with the release Nelson Mandela and destruction of Apartheid. The tide has turned over the last 20 years and Democrats believe that human rights of individuals living in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba is none of our business. There are liberal left-wing zealots like MSNBC Chris Mathews who called President Bush and Conservatives "Interventionist" because they want to give human beings a chance at freedom all across the world. The liberal elite across America believe that the people in Iraq were better off living under the oppression of Saddam Hussein than having a free Democracy. The President and Democrats watched in silence when evil sick Iranian Regime killed and jailed thousands of there citizens because they wanted freedom. It took President Obama a week to speak out about the brutality that was going on in the streets of Iran. There is no way President Reagan would have been silent after seeing the video Neda being killed in the streets of Tehran. The Democratic Party are now embracing these brutal dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez who is the darling of the left-wing elite in America. The Democrats hate President Bush who saved 50 million people from oppression and certain death. The Democrats rather call President Bush a warmonger who killed millions of people for his own personal agenda. The Democrats and World Community refuse to give President Bush credit for giving human beings a chance at having a democracy. The Nobel Peace Prize should have been awarded to President Bush protecting the world against Islamic Extremism. Finally, the new mantra for the Democrats should be "Throw those worthless humans to the wolves" because if you leave Afghanistan the sheep will surely be eaten.


  1. Thank you President Bush for saving 50 million people.

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