Friday, October 30, 2009

1,900 Page Liberal Manifseto

Unlike, any piece of legislation every submitted by Democrats the 1,900 page health care bill contains the complete "Liberal Manifesto". This piece of legislation has everything from the "Little Red Book" to Rules Of Radicals all encompassed in a so-called health care bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her band of socialist minions have tried for the last 50 years to pass Government run health care because, they know this is the first step to having a socialist country. President Reagan once gave a speech telling Americans if socialized health care is ever passed in America the Republic that our founding fathers created will be destroyed by these ruthless radicals that control our federal government. President Obama promised Americans he would "Transform" America and he is working day-night trying to fulfill that promise to his liberal base. The President has already taken over the automotive industry, banking system and health care system in only ten months in office. The Democrats in Congress promised the American people that they would have 72 hours to read the bill before the House starts debating the health care bill. There is no way any American has time to read 1,900 pages of lawyer speak and understand all the different laws, taxes, fees statutes and mandates that are stuck in this ridiculous piece of legislation. The most disturbing part is not the Health Care Bill but, the CBO telling the American people that this so-called $894 billion dollar health care bill would reduce the deficit. The pipe must be hot over at the CBO because what government mandated program has ever reduced the deficit. These clowns over at the CBO did not read the fine print, because Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are all government mandated programs that are trillions of dollars in debt. Finally, I know it is Halloween but this is not the time to be scaring the American people with this new Great Society program that will eventually bankrupt America.


  1. Thank You for telling the truth about the Dems.

  2. I would LOVE to have them explain this- if it is so great, why not implement it immediately. And since it is not going to take effect until 2013 (conveniently AFTER hussein's re-election attempt), then WHY do we need to vote on it with only 72 hours to review the bill?????