Friday, September 26, 2008


The liberal media will say that Sen. Obama had a great night debating Sen. McCain no matter what comes out his socialist mouth. The Liberal Socialist media will say that Sen. Obama looked like a young John F. Kennedy and Sen. McCain looked like a old Richard Nixon reminding everybody about the 1960 Presidential Debate. The liberal media has already portrayed Sen. Obama as the recarnation of John F. Kennedy in mind, body and soul. The Liberal Socialist Media will say that Sen. Obama looked like a Commander In Chief in waiting and that Sen. McCain looked like a tired old man ready to die. Therefore, since the main issue tonight is about Forgien Policy his liberal media Friends will give Sen. Obama credit whenever he, talks about withdrawing troops form Iraq before they finish the job. The Liberal Socialist Media will also stand up and clap when Sen. Obama says that we should not be fighting the war in Iraq but, instead we should have a surge in Afghanistan. The liberal Socialist media has been given there talking points for the debate by the Obama Campaign and you watch what they say on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC because, all these networks are in the tank for the Obama Campaign and they will all give him glowing reviews. The only way you will hear something negative about Sen. Obama is if he actually killed someone on national television. There will be a huge difference in the coverage of this debate because, you watch the commentary when they talk about Sen. McCain. They will say that he was wrong in supporting the war in Iraq and they will also say that he, is in lock step with the Bush Administration when it comes to Foreign Policy. The Liberal Socialist Media will also say that Sen. McCain does not have a plan for Afghanistan and winning the war on terror. The Liberal socialist media will hit the McCain Campaign the hardest when he, talks about the on going conflict with Iran. The media will say that Sen. McCain will invade Iran and start a new war with a Islamic Country. The Liberal Socialist media will also try to connect Sen. McCain to the "Wall Street Crisis" and the economy because, they want to tie Sen. McCain to the Bush Administration and there economic policies. This whole Debate is a farce because, you already know what the Liberal Socialist media is going to say before the debate has even started. Finally, the only way Sen. McCain will become President is if Sen. Obama has a serious gaffe and that is not going to happen.

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  1. Why would the liberal media AND all voters not want to know the background of a someone who is trying to be the next President. Do they want "change" so bad that they don't care "what kind of change" they get? The truth is, no matter who becomes the president, it's gonna be a change. If the democrats want to say that McCain is going to be just like President Bush . . . then watch out Michelle because Obama will be just like Clinton with his extra marital affairs and such! That is crazy. . . McCain in no more like Bush as Obama is no more like Clinton. Also, if you watch any news, when the democrats are asked a tough question about Obama & his background, they all change the subject and say that he is being picked on. What do you think you have done with McCain, calling him old, hysterical, out of touch, etc. It's a character issue and character matters to me!