Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Liberal media could not wait to attack Gov. Palin as soon as she was picked to be Sen. McCain Vice Presidential Candidate. The Liberal Socialist Media got there talking points from the Obama Campaign and start asking the same questions that were in the talking points. The Liberal Media has no shame in this election they are one hundred percent behind Sen. Obama and they really don't care if you like it or not. I turned to MSNBC the media wing of the Obama campaign and as soon as Gov. Palin started to speak they had under Breaking News a disturbing question and that was how many houses will Gov. Palin add to Sen. McCain houses. This was a cheap shot from a so, called news organization. The Liberal media is so bad right now when Sen. Obama was giving his speech Thursday night they were in the media section clapping and celebrating because, this is the "Messiah" they have been waiting for for the last 45 years to advance there Liberal Socialist agenda. Therefore, watch the coverage during the Republican convention they will put a negative spin on everything the Republicans says or do to try and win this campaign for Sen. Obama. The Liberal media had the gall to ask the question is Gov. Palin was qualified to be President Of The United States. They forgot to look at Sen. Obama Qualifications because Gov. Palin has more executive experience than Sen. Obama. The so called media will attack Gov.Palin like they attacked Sen. Clinton because, the Democratic Party says they are for women but, when it comes down to electing a President or Vice President they tend to go back to the Old Boys Club. Finally, we will find out if Gov. Palin is ready for prime time in the next few weeks because, the media will try and destroy her before she even gets to debate Sen. Biden in front of the American people. Good Luck to Gov. Palin because, you have no friends in the Liberal media.

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