Monday, April 7, 2008


The liberal media has finally, found there "Prophet" in Sen. Obama because, whatever Sen. Obama says or does he is always right when media report on a issue. Sen. Obama has been caught lying several times to the media when he, said that his parents had him during the Selma March in the early 1960's. Sen. Obama also lied about the comments that Sen. McCain said that he wanted to keep the troops in Iraq for a 100 years. The comments were taken out of context by Sen. Obama, because, Sen. McCain said that he, would keep troops in Iraq if there were no casualties like we have troops in Japan, Germany and South Korea. The liberal media did not hold Sen. Obama's feet to the fire and they let Sen. Obama keep repeating the same statement so, it would stick in voters mind until the general election. The only publication that called out Sen. Obama on this issue was the Columbia Journalism Review who said that Sen. Obama was lying to the American people about the Iraq war 100 years statement for several months. The liberal media is in the tank for Sen. Obama so, Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain better watch out because, they will do anything to protect there "Prophet". Therefore, I am asking my bloggers is the media in the tank for Sen. Obama


  1. No no no. Mccain actually said so!Research it and tell me.

  2. No, McCain DID say he would leave our troops over there for 100 years! So, no Obama did not lie about that. But That does not mean I want him as president, not with his ties to the radical muslim community.