Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Iraq War has been going on for five years and there seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel, because of the excellent work done by "The Surge" and the leadership of Gen. Petraeus and our military personel. The leadership of Sen. McCain who called for "The Surge" in early 2003 was right when he, told the American peolpe that it would settle down the violence in Iraq and make Iraq a more peaceful society to live in for the Iraqi people. The change since, "The Surge" has been dramatic, because, people are starting to move back to Iraq and businesses are starting to re-open in Baghdad and real estate is at a all-time high in Baghdad when are real-estate market in America is falling apart. The Democratic Party and there Presidential Canidates feel that we should surrender Iraq to Iran and Al-Qaeda and there will be "No Consequnces" to losing the war in Iraq. Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton are fighting to see who can lose the war the fastest to satisfy there left-wing socialist base in the Democratic Party. Therefore, what kind of Commander In-Chief would Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton be if the most important thing is for the great country of America to lose a war to some thugs just so one these two clowns can become, President of the United States. Sen. Mccain made a great qoute when he, said "HE Would Rather Win The War In Iraq And Lose The Presidential Election" because, you can not take back the momentuem of a loss to the Criminal thugs that call themselves Al-Qaeda. Therefore, I am asking my bloggers should we win the war in Iraq or surrender to the terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.


  1. I could not agree with you more about both the fitness (not) and potential success (none) of either Clinton or Obama as Commander-in-Chief. The thought makes me ill and as an honorably discharged and decorated Vietnam Era Veteran, more than a little afraid for our men and women currently serving their country. Unfortunately, the much of the electorate is blinded by more personal and perhaps seemingly more pressing issues and fail to see that a strong defense around the world is the key to a strong economy and country at home. My hope is that come November, there is another "surge" of voters going to the polls to support the troops, freedom and our American way of life. Steve Kirk blogs on senior health at

  2. We should elect McCain AND HE WILL WIN THE WAR IN IRAQ.