Friday, January 25, 2008


The Clintons are trying to destroy Sen. Obama by any means necessary. The Clintons are using surrogates to put out negative messages about Sen. Obama's record. The "Clinton Mafia" is trying to destroy a good man's character by putting out false stories about his record as a politican in Illinois and they even tried to call him a drug dealer in New Hampshire. This is a Clinton tatic that they have used throughout there careers since he, ran for Governor of Arkansas. The Clinton's are so, bad for America they even brought race into a campagin that was about issues that affected everyday Americans. This is why we as Americans should not let the Clinton's see the light fixtres in the White House because, America would have to put up with these two clowns trying to run American with this type of negative attitude. Therefore, I am a conserevative and I don't like Sen. Obama postions on issues, but I will not stand by and let the Clinton's destroy a good man's character. I am asking my bloggers if the Clinton's are trying to destroy Sen. Obama to win the Democratic nomination.

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  1. There will be alot of that during champaigning. I am going to vote for someone that is for average worker & small business man & women.
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